Scene 64 Winning Cut

View Jeremy Hansen's winning cut below.

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Keep on Editing

Online voting has ended, but you can still give it your shot and publish your cut online!

In Scene 64, Alexa and Dom (Q'orianka Kilcher and Jesse Bradford) cross paths in a tense moment, and it's all controlled by YOU. Sign up, log into the online editor and find video clips of each shot, take, and angle at your fingertips.

1. Sign Up

Rome wasn’t built in a day!  Create a Username and Password so you can access the Editor, save drafts, and tweak your masterpiece.  Use an accurate email so we can contact you with updates on the contest and the film (No spam!  Your email will not be disclosed to any third parties).

2. Download the Script

Download and read the script, where you’ll find all the action, direction and dialogue of Scene 64 in a 2 page PDF.

3. Launch the Editor

Stay cool – loading can sometimes take a few seconds. 
Inside, you'll find a bin of video clips, each with an intro slate describing the action.  Every shot, angle and take we have from Scene 64 is available for you to edit. You can use audio tracks, provided by our composer Mike Simpson and rocker Dj Ashba as your soundtrack.  Click around, explore, and refer to the video tutorial for guidance with the controls.  Still having issues?  Send us a note and we’ll sort it out.

4. Edit "Scene 64"

Take your time have fun with it. Show us how Scene 64 plays out for you. You don't have to complete your cut in one sitting. Use the save button so you can return at your leisure. Your challenge: Cut together Scene 64 and share your unique vision in a final edit of the scene lasting no longer than 50 seconds.

5. That´s a Wrap!

You can publish your final cut to the Scene Gallery.
To publish, open your cut inside the editor and look to the bottom right corner where you'll see a 'Publish/Download' button.... click that."  

6. Share it

So you want your edit in the final cut of THE POWER OF FEW? Spread the word via Facebook, Twitter, Digg, or carrier pigeon for people to vote on your entry.

7. The Winner is...

Voting ended on July 21st.  Winner Jeremy C. Hansen was selected among the top 30 vote getters. See Scene 64 Winning Cut


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